Ronny Delrue


Laurent Busine


Plunging into an artist’s oeuvre is always somewhat disquieting when you don’t know what you’re going to discover, which paths to take, and how to find out if the bridges (which supposedly exist) are permanent or due to an impression gained from glimpses and guesswork, as your eye alights on a particular aspect of his output.

Making choices from an artist’s whole body of work is probably even more complicated. It is more exciting too, because you have to look for ways in which something that seems to correspond to specific imperatives (subjects, years, materials, techniques, formats, intentions – expressed or otherwise, moments of happiness, defeats, repetitions…) forms part of an overall image, and provides the common thread bringing together individual works despite their distinctive features.

A broad reading, carried out over a decade or so, of Ronny Delrues drawings has enabled me – admittedly only partly! – to discover what gives a strange cohesion to his works, a disconcerting feeling when, at first glance, each piece is different and yet akin to the next one, and each drawing is at once unique and identical to the others.

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